how to loosen bicycle pedals

How to Loosen Bicycle Pedals

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What are Bicycle Pedals?

Getting Started with Bike Pedals

Right vs Left Pedals: Understanding the Differences

How to Identify Right and Left Pedals

Why is it Important to Change Your Pedals?

Essential Tools Required to Change Bike Pedals

Preparing Your Workstation: Safety and Stability

Understanding Bike Pedal Anatomy and Maintenance

Bike Pedal Thread Direction: Right and Left Pedal Threads

Greasing Bike Pedals: Should You Do It?

How Tight Should You Torque Bike Pedals?

Avoiding Cross-Threaded Bike Pedals

How to Remove Bike Pedals

Removing the Pedals from the Non-Drive Side

Removing the Pedals from the Drive Side

Removing Pedals with a 15mm Wrench

Taking the Pedals off with a Hex Key

Removing Bike Pedals with an Allen Wrench

How to Remove Stuck Bike Pedals: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tips to Remove Stuck Pedals from Your Bike

Pedal Specific Removal Techniques

How to Remove Trek Mountain Bike Pedals

How to Remove Specialized Mountain Bike Pedals

Steps to Remove Shimano Mountain Bike Pedals with an Allen Key

Replacing Your Bike Pedals

How to Install New Bike Pedals

How to Fix Loose Pedals and Prevent Them from Loosening

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does a Bike Pedal Fall Off?

Why Does a Bike Pedal Keep Coming Loose?

How Can I Lubricate the Bike Pedal?


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