How to Loosen Disc Brakes - A Comprehensive Guide -How to Loosen

How to Loosen Disc Brakes

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What is a Disc Brake?

Signs Your Brakes Need Adjusting

Spongy Lever

Lever Travels Too Far or Not Far Enough

Rubbing Brakes

Types of Disc Brakes and Their Adjustments

Adjusting Hydraulic Brakes

Tweaking Mechanical Brakes

Flat Mount Brakes

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Essential Tools for Adjusting Disc Brakes

Steps to Adjust Disc Brakes on a Bike

Inspect the Caliper

Check if the Rotor is True

Centre the Caliper

Manually Centre the Caliper

Tighten the Caliper

Common Issues and Their Resolutions

Contaminated Pads

Worn or Misaligned Rotor

Noisy Disc Brakes

Pads Are Worn

Disc Rotor or Brake Caliper Not Torqued Correctly

Bent Disc Rotor

Poor or Overfilled Bleed

Maintaining Disc Brakes




Master Cylinder

Bleeding Your Hydraulic Disc Brakes

How Often Should You Check Your Brakes?

Tips and Warnings

Specifics for Different Brands and Bike Types

Post Mount vs IS Mount

Aligning the TRP Spyre/Spyke

How to Loosen Shimano Disc Brakes

How to Loosen Disc Brakes on an MTB

Key Takeaways


Do Disc Brakes Need Oil?

Why Are My Bike Disc Brakes Not Releasing?

Can You Spray WD40 on Seized Brakes?


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