How to Loosen Bolts with a Torque Wrench - How to Loosen

How to Loosen Lug Nuts Without Torque Wrench in 5 Minutes

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What is a Lug Nut?

Do You Really Need A Torque Wrench?

Reasons Lug Nuts Won’t Come Off

Stripped or Rounded Off



How to Loosen Over Torqued Lug Nuts Without Torque Wrench in 5 Minutes

Use an Impact Wrench

Use a Long Extension Bar with the Right Socket

Use Reverse-Torque Technique

Standard Lug Wrench and Socket Method

Pipe Wrench

Effects of Overtightened Lug Nuts

Can You Use an Impact Drill to Remove Lug Nuts?

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a torque wrench?

What tool should be used when a lug nut is extremely tight?

How much torque does an impact wrench need to remove lug nuts?

Is it OK to tighten lug nuts without a torque wrench?

Can You Use a Breaker Bar to Remove Lug Nuts?


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