how to loosen mascara

How to Loosen Mascara: A Comprehensive Guide

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What Mascara?

Meet the Mascaras

How Do I Know When I Need New Mascara?

Reasons Your Mascara Might Be Drying Out

Over Pumping

Not Entirely Shutting the Mascara

Why Does Mascara Dry Out?

Not Closing the Cap Properly

It’s Expired

Reviving and Fixing Dry or Clumpy Mascara

How To Fix Dry Mascara Simply & Effectively

Can You Fix Dry Mascara?

3 Hacks and Tips to Deal with Dried-Up Mascara

How to Fix Clumpy Mascara in Three Simple Steps

How to Fix Dry Mascara the Easy Way

How to Refresh Old Mascara

How to Fix Dried Out Mascara

Methods to Loosen Your Mascara

Using Contact Lenses Solution

Hot Water Bath

Adding Aloe Vera Gel

Adding Nourishing Oil

Baby Oil or Vaseline

How Do You Dilute Mascara?

How Do You Loosen Waterproof Mascara?

How Do You Open Tight Mascara?

How Do You Warm Up Mascara?

How to Fix Dried Mascara Without Eye Drops

How to Fix Dry Mascara with Coconut Oil

How to Fix Dry Mascara with Baby Oil

Testing the Effectiveness of the Methods

I Tried 3 Methods To Refresh My Old Mascara — Here’s What Worked Best

Which Method Is The Winner?

Which Hack Wins?

Preventing Mascara from Drying Out

How To Prevent Your Mascara From Drying Out

Don’t Pump Your Wand in and Out

Do Not Exposure Your Mascara to the Sun or Too Much Air

Keep The Bottle Closed

Keep It In The Fridge

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Mascara?

Mascara Replacement and Safety Considerations

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Mascara?

What Infections Could Be Spread from Using an Old Mascara?

Does Vaseline Break Down Mascara?

Key Takeaways


What Can You Put in Mascara to Loosen It Up?

Is There a Way to Unclump Mascara?

How Do You Fix Thick Clumpy Mascara?


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