how to loosen stiff loc extensions

How to Loosen Stiff Loc Extensions

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What Are Loc Extensions?

Understanding Stiff Loc Extensions

Reasons Permanent Locs Become Stiff

  • Lack of Natural Sebum
  • Product Buildup
  • Using the Wrong Products
  • Not Protecting Your Locs

Why Should You Soften Your Stiff Loc Extensions?

Benefits of Softening Permanent Loc Extensions

  • Easy to Manage and Style
  • Less Breakage
  • It Lasts Longer
  • It Looks More Natural

How to Soften Permanent Loc Extensions

How to Soften Your Permanent Loc Extensions

  • Use a Softening Pomade
  • Use a Conditioning Oil
  • Use a Perm Refreshing Spray
  • Use a Mild Relaxer Cream
  • Use a Steaming Iron
  • Dip In Tap Hot Water (Not Boiling Water) For a Few Minutes
  • Put In Pillowcase and Toss in Washing Machine
  • Try the Baggy Method

Maintaining Your Loc Extensions for Flexibility

How to Care For Loc Extensions (Synthetic and Real)

  • Keep Locs Moisturized
  • Wash Locs Regularly With Special Loc Products Like Dollylocks

5 Ways to Make Instant Locs Less Stiff

  • Apply Moisture-Rich Natural Oils
  • Style From Time to Time
  • Wash Them at Least Weekly
  • Avoid Products With Toxic Ingredients
  • Let Nature Take Its Course

Key Takeaways


How Do You Soften Stiff Locs?

Do Loc Extensions Loosen Up?

What Can I Use to Loosen My Locs?


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