How to Soften Jeans? Top Ways to Make Your Jeans Comfortable -How to Loosen

How to Soften Jeans? Top Ways to Make Your Jeans Comfortable

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

Understanding the Fabric: The Science Behind Denim

Signs Your Jeans Need Softening

Why Are My Jeans So Stiff?

How to Soften Jeans?

Wear them often

Use the Washing Machine

Use the Washer & Dryer

Use Vinegar

Use Warm Water & Shampoo

Use Fabric Softener

Use Salt

Roll your Jeans

Preparing the Jeans for Washing

Separate the Pairs of Jeans

Sort by Color and Fabric Type

Pre-Treat Any Stains or Spots

Add Laundry Detergent to Machine or Tub of Warm Water

Washing the Jeans

Choose a Mild Detergent and Hot Water Setting

Use a Low Spin Cycle to Reduce Excess Water in the Fabric

Add a Capful of Natural Fabric Softener or White Vinegar to the Wash Cycle

Drying the Jeans

Place Wet Jeans in Clothes Dryer

Set Heat Setting on Low/Medium Temperature

Tumble Dry with Dryer Sheet for Added Softness and Fresh Scent

Remove When Still Damp

Hang to Air Dry Flat on Hanger or Line-Dry Outdoors

Tips to Maintain the Softness of Your Jeans

Key Takeaways

How to Loosen Stiff Jeans FAQs

How do you soften stiff blue jeans?

How often should you wash jeans?

Does salt soften denim?

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