how to loosen a tight phone case

How to Loosen a Tight Phone Case

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

What is a Phone Case?

Things You Should Know Before Loosening a Phone Case

Different Types of Phone Cases

Bumper iPhone Case

Silicone Phone Case

Wallet Phone Case

Skin Case

Preparing for the Removal Process

Clearing Off Your Workspace and Laying Down a Soft Surface

5 Easy Ways to Take Off a Phone Case

Detailed Steps to Loosen a Tight Phone Case

Begin by Removing the Corner Diagonally Opposite to the Volume Buttons

Proceed to Remove the Directly Adjacent Corner

Finally, Grab the Phone and Slide It Out of the Case

How to Take a Hard Case Off a Phone without Damage: Quick Guide

Removing Different Kinds of Phone Cases Safely

Removing a Wallet Phone Case

Removing a Bumper Case

Removing a Silicon Case

Removing a Skin

How to Remove Phone Case: Case Closed

Key Takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Loosen a Tight Silicone Phone Case?

How to Take Off a Wallet Phone Case without Damaging the Phone?

What to Do If Your Phone Case is Too Tight?


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