how to loosen tight arm sleeves

How to Make Tight Sleeves Looser?

Lucy Lüse
Lucy Lüse

Understanding the Construction of Sleeves and Their Fit

Indications That Your Arm Sleeves Are Too Tight

Determine Where Your Sleeve Is Tight

Add A Triangle Gusset To The Top Or Bottom of the Sleeve

Add A Diamond Underarm Gusset

Raise The Armscye

Sew Panels Down The Side Seam

Lower the Armscye & Enlarge Sleeve Circumference

Step 1: Assess the Problem

Loosen Sleeves with a Hair Dryer

Stretch out the Sleeve Seams Manually

Use Fabric Glue or Stitch to Adjust the Fit of the Sleeve

Step 2: Fixing the Tight Arm Sleeves

Loosening Seam Allowances on an Entire Shirt

Replacing a Shoulder Seam with a Lace Strip

Using a Specialized Tool to Adjust Armholes and Stubborn Materials such as Synthetic Fabrics

Step 3: Finishing Touches for Comfortable Shirts

Iron Out Any Creases with Cold Water and Dry Towel

Sewing Machine for Extra Fabric or Sports Uniforms

Add Fabric Softener to Make Polyester Shirts Feel Comfy

Tips to Prevent Arm Sleeves from Getting Too Tight

Key Takeaways


What Do I Do If My Sleeves Are Too Small?

Can a Tailor Make Sleeves Bigger?

How Do You Fix a Tight Sleeve Cuff?

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